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Commercial Real Estate with Attitude

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commercial real estate user

Commercial Real Estate and the User Experience

It’s been written about forever. Or at least it seems that way. Or maybe in your case and according to you not at all. All you seem to read about is how compa...
building data

Commercial Real Estate Owners are Missing Their Big Opportunity

What is the biggest, most obvious opportunity for the future of commercial real estate? What? Not enough patience or time? Do you just want to scroll until you see the bold type and figure it out in two sentences? I could lay it out in fifty word...
space as a service

You Can Be the Landlord or You Can Provide Space as a Service

You Can Be “The Landlord” or You Can Provide “Space As A Service.” Choose Wisely. Why? Because your career and future livelihood will depend on it. It’s not changing, we are not in a state of flux and do you know why. The marketplace ha...
work anywhere

Freedom From “The Man”

Working means what today? Open space, flexibility, working from wherever whenever. It's a given or so you would be led to think by today's media. It's an idea that sounds fantastic. Independent, open, free, and working from where you want whe...