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Using Technology to Build Relationships

Today’s world is filled with technology. So much so in fact, that many people feel its making us “less human.” Families sit around dinner tables and eat with one hand while on their cell phones with the other hand. We go out into nature for vac...

Are Real Estate Brokers Going the Way of Blockbuster Video?

The first thing I experienced after getting my real estate license was disappointment. It was 2010. I had read the glossy prep books, or, more precisely, skimmed them with an eye on anything that might be turned into a test question. I had passed ...
Duke Long

Why #CRETech Does Not Matter!

Yes, that’s what I said! Lease analytics, comp sharing, free property search, CRM, crowdfunding, space sharing apps, the list goes on and on, and it does not matter. And you say “but Duke what in the hell have you been drinking? Is this CRETec...
Duke Long

Duke Long on Conversations and Influence

Conversations and Influence. We all have them and we all have it. But we all have a problem. It's a problem I just discovered. Well, not actually me but i...