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Floored provides unparalleled interactive 3D visualizations and commercial real estate marketing. Floored pioneered the interactive 3D model in the...
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Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare
QSF offerings include investor management, online investor portals, crowdfunding platforms, CMBS underwriting, defeasance, marketing and other alte...
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Doozer is the digitalisation technology leader in the placement of trade services for real estate companies. The Doozer platform combines the speed...
Notion is an all-in-one sensor for simplified home awareness. We remove the need to choose which devices are required to monitor the things you wan...
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Filling out multiple loan applications for a commercial real estate development is time-consuming. Dealing with mortgage brokers can be a hassle. P...
Sector Served
Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational
(RE)meter was established to provide fast, simple and affordable data and tools within the Commercial Real Estate Industry. (RE)meter’s cutting-edg...
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Office, Retail, Industrial
OppSites connects cities that want investment with real estate professionals looking for opportunities. ...
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