ALICE ( was started 3 years ago to help hotels streamline communication and operations across their properties. After growing rapidly within the hotel space, the company began to develop a residential product to help solve a similar problem. There are too many fragmented and outdated systems running residential properties. ALICE has worked with several of the top residential groups in NY, with an aggregate of over 100 properties between them, to tweak the hotel platform for the luxury residential space.

After 1+ years of development, the product is now out of beta and beginning to bring new clients onto its platform who are looking to bring their buildings into the modern age of technology. The solution enables your staff to manage all of their workflow in one system, while giving a user friendly tool to residents to communicate directly with staff. There are a few other similar tools on the market, however they are legacy systems that have not evolved over the past decade. ALICE hopes to change that with their intuitive, cost effective system.

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