A new mobile phone app is promising to streamline access control in office buildings by eliminating the need for occupants to fumble with their keys or access cards. Schindler Elevator’s myPORT app is a unique smartphone-based service for personal mobility. The apps’ four-step identity verification on entry provides “e-banking level” security. Once inside the building, users can move throughout the building just by keeping their smartphones on their person. Occupants have more freedom and convenience than ever before and building owners get greater access control.

Schindler’s myPORT is in constant communication with the building’s PORT Technology elevator interface to provide building owners, managers, tenants and visitors with real-time information. The app can be programmed to verify user identity and summon an elevator based on their needs and preferences. It can also anticipate user requirements with personalized features such as turning on and off lights, or locking and unlocking doors as the user arrives. In addition, the app can send special authorization codes via SMS text messages to grant access to building visitors.

“Several years ago, Schindler began research focused not on the elevator itself, but on its role in moving people seamlessly through their day,” said Dr. Paul Friedli, Schindler’s Head of Advanced Research. “In many ways, myPORT is the culmination of this research. myPORT enables a whole new way for people to interact with their environment. It’s a fundamentally new approach to building design.”

More than 60 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2030. The rapid rate of worldwide urbanization and a highly competitive building market puts developers under pressure to find better ways to maximize both building and tenant productivity, minimize wait times for elevators and facilitate building security.

Building owners can unlock additional capabilities for the app by pairing it with Schindler’s lobby visitor station. A visitor’s image and voice can be sent from the lobby directly to the mobile phone of the host to obtain access, even if the host is offsite. Users can grant admission to delivery personnel or other visitors with a button in the app that opens the outer door, assigns a pre-programmed elevator and even unlocks the apartment or office door, if desired.

The customizable features within myPORT carry specific benefits for people with special needs whose journey can be controlled from the smartphone.

“What makes myPORT so unique is how we are personalizing the mobility experience for every one of our customers,” said Greg Ergenbright, President of Schindler Elevator. “Whether it’s getting you from point A to B, streamlining deliveries, ensuring building security, or adapting to people with special needs, we can now achieve unprecedented levels of customization.”

Unveiled to customers at a series of road show events across the country this month, myPORT is already being piloted in several projects worldwide.