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core values

Real Estate Technology Threatens Industry’s “Core Values”

It’s a fairly common phrase that rolls off the lips of about everyone in real estate. “We are slow to adapt technology, the way we do business works.” In other words, “Fuck off and leave us alone, we are making a shitload of money, and my ...
commercial real estate user

Commercial Real Estate and the User Experience

It’s been written about forever. Or at least it seems that way. Or maybe in your case and according to you not at all. All you seem to read about is how compa...
CRE bubble

The Commercial Real Estate Technology Purge is Coming

I am expecting a downturn for CRE tech. Are you ready? Maybe I can help. “But Duke, things are going so well, what are you trying to do?” I’m not trying to do anything other than stating the facts that we need to progress and to do that we ...

CREtech Is Now a Global Community. Is That a Good Thing?

London, Berlin, Mumbai, Ireland, Vienna, Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, South Africa, Spain, France, Thailand, Israel, Denmark and on and on and on. Property and in this context Commercial Property is GLOBAL. That’s a given. The tech and the comm...
work anywhere

Freedom From “The Man”

Working means what today? Open space, flexibility, working from wherever whenever. It's a given or so you would be led to think by today's media. It's an...