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Smartbridge simplifies business transformation by making your enterprise systems work smarter. Our expertise in business intelligence, analytics, m...
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Office, Retail, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational
A marketplace for people to get in and out of residential and commercial space. Getting in and out of rental spaces is easy! Have you ever been stu...
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Office, Multifamily
Through the power of real time information, big data, and machine learning, PiinPoint helps businesses identify ideal locations for growth and pred...
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Fully Commercial was created with the idea that searching on the internet should be free and readily available. You should never have to pay, creat...
QSF offerings include investor management, online investor portals, crowdfunding platforms, CMBS underwriting, defeasance, marketing and other alte...
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Brownfield Listings is a first-of-its-kind national marketplace dedicated to challenged properties—often known as “brownfields”—where some real or ...
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Office, Retail, Industrial
CompStak is a free lease comp exchange for brokers, appraisers and researchers. Landlords, lenders and investors receive fee-based access to data a...
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Office, Retail, Industrial
Tenantwise is a commercial real estate information services and advisory company which tracks all 12,500 commercial office properties in Manhattan ...
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StackSource is an online platform for arranging commercial real estate loans. Today’s loan origination process in commercial real estate is l...
Sector Served
Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Hospitality
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